Hi, Rich Peppiatt here.

First thing first - from the sentence after next I shall be adopting the conventional tense of online bios, AKA the narcissistic third person. Sure, Rich Peppiatt could rebel against this tedious affectation but Rich Peppiatt would rather you believed his self-aggrandisement is delegated to a devoted underling rather that admit the truth - he is a man writing about himself, in his pants, eating toast.

Rich Peppiatt is an award-wining writer, director and producer, who has worked with the likes of Netflix, Channel 4, Amazon, BBC and Google, to name but a few. His work is known for its often darkly comic, offbeat and satirical tone. Then sometimes he goes and directs a cheery Christmas ad just to confuse matters.

In 2014 he founded Naughty Step, a film production and creative agency dedicated to motion picture.

He is represented for TV and film by Michele Milburn at MMB Creative.

Rich says thanks for reading.

Rich x