Hi, Rich Peppiatt here.

Hello. First thing's first - from the end of this sentence I shall be adopting the conventional tense of online bios, AKA the narcissistic 3rd person. Ok, yes, Rich Peppiatt could rebel against this semantic protocol but Rich Peppiatt would rather you believed he delegated this task to a devoted underling rather that admit the truth: he is a man writing about himself, in his pants, eating toast…

Rich Peppiatt is an award-wining writer, filmmaker, journalist and (very occasional) comedian. He likes to think there diverse interests make him creative, but it probably just means he has yet-undiagnosed ADHD.

In 2014 he founded Naughty Step Productions, making everything from feature films through to branded content. The company’s first feature documentary, One Rogue Reporter, can be found worldwide on Netflix among other places, whilst they’ve also created films for the likes of the Guardian, Greenpeace, Google
and occasionally even companies that don’t begin with G.

Rich is the writer of Channel 4’s Supershoppers, for which he’s won both a Scottish Royal
 Television Society Award & BAFTA. 
He also occasionally pops up on the telly and radio himself, and if you follow him on twitter he’ll try let you know when that will be.

Rich says thanks for reading.

Rich x